GreenPrint Marketing - We put our feet to the pavement so you don't have to!

Creating Innovative Custom Marketing Solutions that will bring your business to the Next Level.

The Firm That'll Make You Money

We don't believe in the cookie-cutter template approach to marketing. Every client has different needs, which means every client deserves a customized marketing plan. We do this, plus much more. Our number one priority is providing you with marketing that makes you money.
Like a wise business associate of ours likes to say, "If it doesn't make dollars, then it doesn't make sense!"

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What We Offer

Outsourced Marketing Redefined

For so many small-to-medium sized businesses, Outsourced Marketing makes a lot of sense, especially when considering your bottom line. But you have to make sure you work with an outsourced marketing firm that, well, "gets it" and gets the job done. Still thinking of outsourcing your marketing? Well DON'T!!! Out with the old Outsourced Marketing Company ... and in with the new: GPM's Virtual-House Marketing Departmentâ„¢!

Solutions That Support Your Business

"We put our feet to the pavement, so you don't have to!" What should be the purpose of all Marketing Solutions? Simple ... To Build your Business; To Boost your Brand. Our Mantra to getting this done is: "By ENHANCING your business image, you ATTRACT more customers, thus alowing you to CONVERT leads into sales!"

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