The Core 4

Our 4 Core Services Areas that Anchor our Business

Creative Marketing Solutions

We believe there’s no product, service, or company too small for an amazing big idea. In other words, our creative team gives equal effort to every project for every client, every time. We design online and offline marketing experiences that dramtically influences the way your brand and your business is perceived and the behavior it encourages.

  • Strategy & Marketing Consulting

    From Discovery to planning site architecture, conversion tactics and performance audits.

  • Public Relations

    From tried-and-true traditional public relations methods and outlets, to web-based social media development, monitoring and reporting… from feature article development in professional and consumer publications to video news releases on the national and local levels.

  • Email Marketing

    Did you check your email today? If so, then you KNOW Email Marketing works! Email marketing is an extremely cost effective way to communicate with prospects and existing costumers..

  • Social Media Marketing

    Online social media marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach your consumers. GPM can help you navigate the world of social media marketing and establish a plan that will maximize your online presence.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Well, it's great to have a website, but can people actually find you? Of the millions of websites how can yours be shown on the first pages of Google? Do you know the right terms to be number one? Do you know how to achieve this? There's an art form to finding the right keyword and optimizing for your site.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Google Adwords has forever changed the landscape of marketing and advertising. No longer are these mediums unaccountable. Pay-Per-Click puts you in the drivers seat with an ability to track Return on Investment as never before seen.

Outsourced Marketing Redefined

For so many small-to-medium sized businesses, Outsourced Marketiong makes a lot of sense, especially when considering your bottom line. Running your business can be difficult enough without the headache of learning all you need to know to effectively market your product or service. A properly executed marketing program can pay for itself over and over. Marketing incorrectly can and will waste time. You have to make sure you work with an outsourced marketing firm that, well, "gets it" and gets the job done

Still thinking of outsourcing your marketing? Well DON'T!!! Out with the old Outsourced Marketing Company ... and in with the new:
GPM's Virtual-House™ Marketing Department!

Instead of an in-house marketing department, consider us your Virtual-House Marketing Department. The reason why we can handle all of your marketing needs normally kept in-house in our Virtual-House is because we've taken the time to understand what makes a "formally known as" outsourced marketing firm work.

  • You run the Day to Day ... Let us handle the Marketing
  • We have a strong group of marketing experts with which we build a team that's right for your company.
  • Your Virtual-House Project Manager will lead your team and be your direct contact whose responsibility will be that your marketing materials are delivered on time and on budget.

Brand Building & Makeovers with I.M.A.G.E.™

Branding is the process of turning your business and services into a household name by establishing a unique presence that makes you stand out from your competitors.

We handle all aspects of brand building using our Innovative Marketing & Graphic Enhancements (I.M.A.G.E.™) services. Our custom designs have a long standing reputation of effectively summarizing a company’s business philosophy while clearly identifying areas of expertise into our brand creation services.

  • Logo Design

    With the use of a unique logo your business will acquire the brand recognition needed to support its competitive edge.

  • Brand Naming & Taglines

    It’s all in the name…..see how our approach can work for you.

  • Web Design

    Exclusively designed for your brand and online strategy, keeping in mind Smooth Functionality; Visual Quality; Unique, Informative and Convincing Content; Search Engine Compatibility; Overall Professional Web Design style; and of course the Return On Investment for your online business.

  • Copywriting & Content Optimization

    What you say and how you say it is everything. After the website design captures one’s attention, the prospective client will read the content to decide whether or not your company can possibly fulfill their needs. We'll help you create content that provides an informative and impressionable edge.

  • Digital Print & Ebranding Office Suites

    We offer digital print services for just about any need you may have. We can print whole new digital campaign for your company, including custom templates for Word & PowerPoint, custom email signatures, Off & Online Ads, Brochures & Sales Kits, Custome Graphs & Charts, etc..

  • Multimedia

    Video is THE trend. Webinars & Presentations are strong education and nurturing tools. Engage and educate your audience with device-optimized videos (from projectors, to laptops, to iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.) for sales training and education, viral, trade show booth development and design, etc.

Close with C.L.O.S.E.™

From online surveys to in-house focus groups, our market research delves deep and produces actionable data that helps drive the right message to the right audience. We spend a lot of time doing market research. It might be a survey of consumers, it might be finding all competitors, it might be finding all the search terms possible to find your type of product or service, but put together, this increases the potential for success exponentially

Let C.L.O.S.E.™ help you close!

See how our Customer Loyalty & Objective Satisfaction Evaluation (C.L.O.S.E.™) system brings in visitors, build value and convert visitors in to customers.

  • Our customer satisfaction methodology goes beyond measuring satisfaction to the assessment of loyalty in a competitive context
  • We determine the potential for retaining customers and the potential for them to deepen their relationship with your company
  • We measure the level of involvement and satisfaction with your brand to understand the true nature of loyalty shown whether through habit or active loyalty
  • We focus on loyalty and preference, not just satisfaction
  • We benchmark both functional and emotional responses to your product or service